Classification and Grouping of Glucometers in Mexico

Glucometers are essential devices for individuals suffering from diabetes. Part of a diverse array of devices that help diabetic persons to improve their quality of life, these compact devices provide quick and accurate readings, enabling users to make informed decisions about their diet, medication and overall health management.   This article will discuss the characteristics […]

Electrical Testing Standards for medical electrical equipment and its use in Mexico

mexican 61010 vs mexican 60601

In a previous article, we have reviewed the regulations for medical electrical equipment (MEE) in Mexico and mentioned the cases when a medical electrical equipment  needs to meet local standards.   In this article we will review the applicability of a key series of international technical standards for medical electrical equipment, the IEC 60601.   […]

Classification and Grouping for Urology Medical Devices in Mexico

medical equipment urology

When registering Medical Devices in Mexico, the classification and grouping strategy is a key activity for optimizing the number of registrations (based on 23 rules).   You can find some examples of the classification and grouping criteria in our previous articles for: Orthopedic Implants Ultrasound Systems Medical Imaging In vitro Diagnostics Surgical instruments   Though, […]

Classification and Grouping for Dental Resins in Mexico

In our Classification and Grouping Ultimate Guide, we have explained how to classify and group medical devices according to the 23 rules detailed in the Appendix II of the Supplement of medical devices of the Mexican Pharmacopeia (FEUM).   In addition, we have also explained how to make use of those rules to classify and group specific medical […]

Changes on the Renewal Process for Medical Device Sanitary Registrations in Mexico

As a means to make regulatory processes more accessible and efficient to everyone in the medical device sector in Mexico, COFEPRIS started an upgrading strategy to turn to the digital approach when trying to submit information pertaining regulatory affairs. Thanks to this digitalization process, many of the old regulatory paths regarding the acquisition and upkeep […]

Low-Risk Medical Devices Requirements for Mexico

low risk medical devices

Obtaining the Sanitary Registration for a product in Mexico requires to consider different regulatory pathways. In knowledge of this circumstances, COFEPRIS made a distinction between products already widely recognized and sold in the market, giving that selection of products the title of Class I Low-Risk, as to reduce the regulatory hurdles in order to obtain […]

Explanatory letters for COFEPRIS

COFEPRIS provides a list of diverse requirements for Medical Devices that must be completed to obtain a sanitary registration in Mexico. Nevertheless, it is often hard for foreign manufacturers to fully comply with all of them. Some of the most common cases are:   Documentation not elaborated by the manufacturer COFEPRIS requirements are specific for […]

Label and registration designs

There are specific requirements for obtaining sanitary registrations of Medical Devices in Mexico. Those requirements can be found in the COFEPRIS website, in the National Catalog of Regulations, Procedures and Services and also in our checklist website.   In a previous article, we have explained the generals of labeling requirements for medical devices in Mexico, […]

Technovigilance reports

One of the key activities that any sanitary registration holder in Mexico must perform after obtaining the marketing authorization is the technovigilance. This is mandatory for holders and Medical Device distributors according to the NOM-240-SSA-2012. In our blog, you can find two articles describing the generals of Technovigilance and how to handle notifications. In this […]

Medical Device Advertising for the General Public in Mexico

medical device advertising

We have discussed in previous articles about the regulations for advertising medical devices in Mexico and explained the particulars for the ads targeted exclusively to healthcare professionals. In this third article, we will close the topic explaining the details of advertisement directed to the general public.   How is it regulated?   Advertising medical devices […]