Final submission review


Veraque will be glad to help you on your final submission review. Our team has more than 10 years of experience and will treat all your requests with empathy.

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A final submission review is what we also refer to as a peer review. In other words, it is an opportunity for a regulatory specialist to check all your paperwork and find any missing points.

In our experience this service is highly recommended if

You are using a regulatory software (like regdesk, licensale or rimsys)

You do not have such alternative in-office

A double check is necessary to evaluate your regulatory team performance.

You have several code numbers that require revision. They must be consistent throughout all the submission.


In addition, a second review provides value if you are not periodically submitting registrations in Mexico. This is because regulations have trends in certain topics. For example, full translations are required for a specific test and sometimes a partial translation is acceptable. This is just a simple case, but it is extensive for multiple points. Then, even if you have fulfilled all the requirements, still you may not have considered all your risks.