Classification and Grouping of Balloon Catheters in Mexico

types of balloon catheters

Balloon Catheters stand as precise instruments in the array of medical devices. Employed to alleviate obstructions and stenosis across various bodily systems, they are a great exemplification of controlled intervention. In this article, we will discuss the structure, diverse applications, and existing types of Balloon Catheters. Additionally, we will review general guidelines on their classification […]

Classification and Grouping for Orthopedic Implants

orthopedic classifications

As mentioned in our Classification and Grouping Ultimate Guide, there are a series of rules to consider when classifying and grouping medical devices. The above-mentioned rules are fully explained in Appendix II – Supplement of medical devices of the Mexican Pharmacopeia (FEUM).   In this article we will focus on explaining strategies to classify and […]