Classification and Grouping of Balloon Catheters in Mexico

Balloon Catheters stand as precise instruments in the array of medical devices. Employed to alleviate obstructions and stenosis across various bodily systems, they are a great exemplification of controlled intervention. In this article, we will discuss the structure, diverse applications, and existing types of Balloon Catheters. Additionally, we will review general guidelines on their classification […]

Technovigilance for Medical Devices in Mexico

Introduction   Technovigilance or Medical Device Surveillance is the activity that guarantees that any medical technology in Mexico is correctly working and describes how to report any incident related to the device. In this text, we summarize the technovigilance requirements in Mexico. Specifically: How to identify an adverse incident, When to report and not report […]

About the UNOPS international tender binding for Mexico

Is this a real opportunity for those Medical Device manufacturers to participate without a sanitary registration?   As published by the UNOPS (United Nations Office for Project Services) the last 25 of August 2020, the Mexican Public Healthcare system signed an agreement to promote an international tender binding for all those companies interested to sell […]

Updates about COFEPRIS strategies to become digital

In the last months, COFEPRIS has been implementing different activities to digitalize new procedures focusing on a paperless policy. In this article, we briefly describe the expected digitalization transfer and how the regulatory process in Mexico may be impacted.   COFEPRIS has initiated an ambitious project to digitalize the regulatory processes in a similar way […]

COFEPRIS legal structure changes

As we have previously explained in our Guide and Article, COFEPRIS is the regulatory arm of the Ministry of Health in Mexico which regulates the manufacturing, importation, marketing, and other activities related with health supplies including medical devices.   Up to August 19, 2020 according to the Health Law, COFEPRIS was a separated administrative commission […]